Spiritual Life

What does worship mean in the Episcopal Church?

Our Book of Common Prayer provides us with one answer, defining it as the time when “we unite ourselves with others to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God’s word, to offer prayer, and to celebrate the sacraments” (p.857). We gather to celebrate the word of the Lord, while also experiencing the comfort of Christian fellowship – whether it be through song, collective prayer, or acknowledgments during the peace.

When we gather on Sundays (in-person or virtually), we participate in an age-old tradition of worshiping together through a shared, or “common” book of prayer. As caretakers of this important legacy, the Spiritual Life Committee serves as the forum for the congregation to voice its thoughts and ideas about how we worship and grow spiritually at St. Paul’s. This can include discussions about the forms we use for our prayers of the people, the hymns we sing, or planning for special services. Accordingly, we work closely with our Musical Director and Altar Guild to plan worship services.

The Spiritual Life Committee meets as needed to review upcoming worship schedules, hymn selections, and Altar Guild program. We rely on the involvement and input of parishioners to ensure that we are fulfilling and enriching everyone’s spiritual needs.

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