Sunday School

Engaging our children with their church and community

St. Paul’s offers pre-school, early elementary and middle school classes based on Episcopal Children’s Curriculum by Morehouse publishing.

We host a Sunday School program for young people, using a variety of educational tools that provide our youngest members with a firm foundation in Christianity. We also have a lot of fun! We strive to involve our young people in community service and church activities. This includes parish breakfasts, valentines for veterans, picnics, and Easter egg hunts. Please come by on a Sunday and see what we have to offer. Remember, Jesus asked us to bring the children to Him.

Our Sunday School typically operates when in-person services are held at the Church (i.e. every Sunday at 10 a.m. except for the second Sunday of the month). No formal enrollment is required.

Due to COVID-19, some Sunday School activities have been suspended.

Please contact the St. Paul’s office at (845) 452-8440 for more information.