Our Stewardship Committee  is charged with the care of our church, our congregation, and God’s creation. We practice pledging at St. Paul’s Church in order to be clear about how it is we intend to give thanks and give back in acknowledgement of all the goodness in our lives and to fulfill our responsibilities at St. Paul’s.Stewardship-Revolution-slider

Pledge Campaigns are the main focus of the Stewardship Committee. The Time & Talent Pledge Campaign as well as the Financial Pledge Campaign take place in the fall each year. Pledges show that parishioners are fully involved in the life of the parish. It is our responsibility to help the congregation understand the importance of pledging. The committee also plans four fund raising dinners during the year. Our committee meets the 1st Monday of the month at 5 p.m.

Chair, Bobbie Gordon
Ph: 845.797.8102
Email: Stewardship ( /

Memorandum from the Stewardship Committee
January 2016

Did you pick up your weekly contribution envelopes from the Narthex? Maybe you didn’t find them there.   That is because we haven’t received your pledge for 2016.

There are 17 people who pledged last year who haven’t yet turned in their pledge for 2016.   If you are among those 17 people and are planning to pledge, PLEASE speak to either Cynthia Benjamin or Bobbie Gordon immediately.

Please remember, you pledge what you feel God is calling you to give for the mission of St. Paul’s Church.  That is what counts!   Help us have ALL

pledges recorded in time for the Annual General Meeting on January 24.

What is God calling you to give?

–Bobbie Gordon, Stewardship Committee