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Pastoral Care

Parishioners assist the pastor in providing pastoral care to those who are unable to get to church for one reason or another. The objective of the initiative is to help shut-ins and those in nursing homes and those with jobs that preclude church attendance know about what is happening in church and with their church family.

Members meet on the second Thursday of each month at 6 pm.

Chair, Cynthia Benjamin




What does worship meanIMG_0130
in the Episcopal Church? Our Book of Common Prayer provides us with one answer, defining it as the time when “we unite ourselves with others to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God’s word, to offer prayer, and to celebrate the sacraments” (p.857). We gather to celebrate the word of the Lord, while also experiencing the comfort of Christian fellowship – whether it be through song, collective prayer, or a simple handshake during the peace.

When we gather on Sundays, we participate in an age old tradition of worshiping together through a shared, or “common” book of prayer. As caretakers of this important legacy, the Worship Committee serves as the forum for the congregation to voice its thoughts and ideas about how we worship at St. Paul’s. For example, this can include discussions about the forms we use for our prayers of the people, the hymns we sing, or planning for special services. Accordingly, we work closely with our Musical Director and Altar Guild to plan worship services.

The Worship Committee meets every fourth Monday of the month at 6 p.m., where we review the upcoming worship schedule, hymn selections, and the Altar Guild program. We rely on the involvement and input of parishioners to ensure that we are fulfilling and enriching our spiritual needs. If you have suggestions on how we might enrich our worship, please attend one of our meetings or consider participating on the Committee itself. We look forward to working with you as we continue to celebrate Christ in our own special way.

Chair, Mark Debald
Ph: 845.452.8440.



Our Stewardship Committee  is charged with the care of our church, our congregation, and God’s creation. We practice pledging at St. Paul’s Church in order to be clear about how it is we intend to give thanks and give back in acknowledgement of all the goodness in our lives and to fulfill our responsibilities at St. Paul’s.Stewardship-Revolution-slider

Pledge Campaigns are the main focus of the Stewardship Committee. The Time & Talent Pledge Campaign as well as the Financial Pledge Campaign take place in the fall each year. Pledges show that parishioners are fully involved in the life of the parish. It is our responsibility to help the congregation understand the importance of pledging. The committee also plans four fund raising dinners during the year. Our committee meets the 1st Monday of the month at 5 p.m.

Chair, Bobbie Gordon
Ph: 845.797.8102
Email: Stewardship ( /

Memorandum from the Stewardship Committee
January 2016

Did you pick up your weekly contribution envelopes from the Narthex? Maybe you didn’t find them there.   That is because we haven’t received your pledge for 2016.

There are 17 people who pledged last year who haven’t yet turned in their pledge for 2016.   If you are among those 17 people and are planning to pledge, PLEASE speak to either Cynthia Benjamin or Bobbie Gordon immediately.

Please remember, you pledge what you feel God is calling you to give for the mission of St. Paul’s Church.  That is what counts!   Help us have ALL

pledges recorded in time for the Annual General Meeting on January 24.

What is God calling you to give?

–Bobbie Gordon, Stewardship Committee

Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee is the group that takes the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance of the church, the education building and the grounds of St. Paul’s.

Committee members are vigilant in noticing and reporting things that need repair or replacement. The committee works with the “Men’s Club” and other contractors on major repairs.

There is no formal training for this committee.

Why join?
Members enjoy working together and making improvements in the church and its grounds.

Please contact Maria Bell at 845-629-9501 if you’re interested in working with the Buildings and Grounds Committee, or email or

Altar Guild

Altar Guild


St. Paul’s Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the Altar for all Sunday masses, holy days, baptisms, weddings, funerals and special services. This involves making sure the linens are clean and available for all celebrations. At Christmas and Easter we organize the decoration of the church. We meet once a month for updates and to address any immediate concerns.

Our mission is to work together to prepare Our Lord’s table for the Holy Eucharist and other services.

We primarily train each other—with Father Tyler’s input—on what is required for each celebration. We attend the Altar Guild Workshop where we receive instructions on the correct way to prepare the altar (different frontals, caring of the linens, flowers, vessels, vestments or anything else that has to do with the church’s services). The workshop is attended by just about all the Episcopal Altar Guild members of our diocese.

Why join?
The altar and the Holy Eucharist is the center and focus of our worship at St. Paul’s. Caring for and preparing the altar for Our Lord’s communion is an important ministry for us and for the membership of the church. The Altar Guild members feel they have found a splendid way to serve Our Lord and the people of St. Paul’s church. There is no membership requirement. Youth this is a good place to learn and enjoy. Men this may be a path for your faith journey. Ladies join us to find a peace and fulfillment that you won’t find in too many places.

If you are interested in learning more or/and joining us in this joyful service;
please call Church office at 845.452-8440 or …
Rose Marie Proctor
Ph: 845.471.8638.
Email: or


Formation Committee

Formerly known as the Education Committee, the Formation Committee is dedicated to ensuring that all parishioners of all ages have access to opportunities for advancing in our faith, from Sunday School for children, YouthiStock_FaithSmall Activities for the confirmed, young adult forums and various adult programs like book discussions, presentations by speakers and Bible study. Its meetings are not regularly scheduled at this time.

Chair, Peter Bedrossian: or





Evangelism carries the news of our faith to the congregation, the community and beyond. It meets at 6 pm on the first Tuesday of each month in the church parlor. The Evangelism Committee maintains the website, produces and publishes our weekly newsletter, “The Messenger,” and coordinates with other parish organizations special events involving the neighborhood and the community.

Committee Chair: Warden Pete Bedrossian
Ph: 845.705.7576.
Email: or